Global Content Distribution through Amazon Video on Demand

Fusion Flix Inc., a Telly Award Winning, Georgia Corporation has announced their plans to distribute premium original programming over four countries and millions of viewers in a partnership with the Amazon Video Direct Streaming Distribution Platform.

Their content will be available to rent or buy On-Demand and fully available on Blu Ray disc in 2018. Proceeds will be going to further health research.

Fusion Flix was formed solely for the purpose of creating high quality content and directly benefiting natural health research with 100% of content profits going to this cause.

“We have been intimately involved in natural health since 2011, this type of research literally changed my life and we have looked at ways of giving back in a big way,” said Founder and Executive Producer Clint Winters. He went on to say, “Entertainment is a 770 billion dollar a year industry, why not leverage this to help save and improve lives globally.”

Since 2011, the Fusion Family of Health Brands has invested over $3,000,000 in natural health innovation. This new entertainment model will supercharge this very important and much needed research. It is well known that millions go towards pharmaceutical research every year, but a tiny fraction goes towards natural health options, which in some cases are safer and more effective.

“We have compiled top notch production and on screen talent to create compelling content that our viewers will truly love. As a working actor and producer I could not be more excited about the content in our pipeline, the fan reaction has already been fantastic,” said Executive Producer, Travis Shoaf.

Fusion Flix has three projects slated while actively working on expansions of those projects, as well as fielding new original content concepts. Fusion Flix will launch with a film titled Guardian, which depicts a life or death struggle to protect a child.

“As an Atlanta based actor, and traveling entertainer since 2013, I can honestly say I have never seen a content platform that is this exciting. Our team is working around the clock to create mind blowing entertainment that everyone will enjoy. I have personally been affected by illness and I am glad I am doing my part to give back to this important cause,” said Wendy Conner, Executive Producer.

More information regarding Fusion Flix content and initial releases will be forthcoming.

Fusion Flix Inc., is a Telly Award Winning, Georgia corporation formed to create high quality content for the benefit of natural health research. Fusion Flix donates 100% of proceeds to this cause. Since 2011, the Fusion Family of Brands has invested over $3,000,000 in natural health innovation, benefiting lives globally.

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